Columbus Southerly WWTP

Southerly WWTP
Southerly WWTP

The City of Columbus, Southerly WWTP improvement project added a new Effluent Pump Station. The plant utilizes effluent for wash-water and other non-potable usage throughout the plant. During the design phase Hydro Controls worked with the design professional to analyze surge potential at the pump station. Given the mixed usage and wide range of demand loads on the process water, it was determined that harmful transient surges could propagate throughout this piping system and a pump control valve would help mitigate this problem. 

Based on our findings and recommendations, the DP specified the GA Industries, Checktronic Pump Control Valve. The Checktronic is a unique pump control valve that incorporates an Electric Motor operator for clean, repeatable and reliable service. The valve is also fitted with a specially engineered stop check feature that allows for fail closure on loss of power or pumping pressure.

If you are designing or upgrading a pump station at your plant or for your client, please call and talk to one of our sales engineers for more information on this innovative pump control option.