Backflow Prevention and Flow Control Gate Solutions

Elastomer Check Valves

In 1985 the US EPA commissioned Red Valve Company to help solve the ever growing challenge of Stormwater intrusion and flooding from heavy rain events. The result was the Tideflex "Duckbill" Check Valve. Designed to be installed at the end of pipe or the outfall wall itself, the Tideflex check valve has been the preferred method of backflow prevention for the past 30 years. By 2010 Tideflex Technologies had developed and introduced a number of enhancements and new products to solve even the most difficult applications. Ease of installation and maintenance, the advent of the Inline Checkmate valve and the constant R & D investment has helped Tideflex maintain itself as the undisputed leader in check valve products for the Collection systems here and abroad.  Please contact our office for more information on this innovative backflow prevention solution.